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Our services for the Tri Valley area: Livermore, Dublin, Pleasanton, Danville & San Ramon

At Foxy Roxy's Mobile Pet Salon Tri Valley our philosophy is that grooming should be safe, enjoyable & should completely address your individual pet's needs. For this reason, your grooming services will include all of the techniques and treatments necessary to keep your pet's skin and coat as healthy as possible and looking as fabulous as can be!  While we do offer some additional services for super extra special pampering, anything meant to keep your pet in excellent condition will always be included.   
Because we believe that regular grooming is an essential part of your pet's health, we are only accepting clients who are willing to commit to a regular grooming schedule of 6 weeks or less.  This ensures that we are able to keep your pet in the best condition with the least amount of stress and discomfort for them during the grooming process. 


During each & every visit with us, your pet will be...


  • Introduced to the environment at his/her own speed to avoid stress.

  • Relaxed by the essential oil diffuser (not available for feline services) and calming
    sounds of the ocean, a heart beat, babbling brook, or even a lakeside retreat. If your
    pet has a favorite kind of music, just let us know and we can play that!

  • Protected by our thorough sanitization process from germs and by our clipper vacuum
    technology from contaminated air from hair and nail debris.

  • Bathed in a warm, hydro massage bath using a professional grade shampoo matched
    to your pets skin and coat needs (including a deshedding treatment for double coated
    dogs when needed).

  • Blow dried by hand.  We never use cage dryers, we actually don't even have one in our

  • Brushed out thoroughly

  • Ear hair will be plucked if necessary and possible.

  • Hair carved out from between paw pads.

  • Sanitary area will be trimmed.

  • Nails will be trimmed and filed.

  • Paw balm massaged into pads.

  • Mouth sprayed with dental spray for fresh breath and to help break up plaque.

  • Sprayed with a conditioning coat spritz cologne in a SCENT OF YOUR CHOICE!

  • At each spa date you will have the ability to choose from one of the extra services
    below as a thank you for choosing us and trusting us to work with your pet.  
    Please let your groomer know which service you would prefer when they arrive.



Your pet will be given a luxurious, deep

conditioning treatment.

cologne bar

Choose your pet's scent from our

amazing cologne bar!


Your pet will be given a 5 minute massage

that will be realxing and soothing.






The first spa date tends to run longer than a usual appointment.  This is mainly so that your four-legged family member and their new friend will be able to get to know each other.  After all, it's important to make a good impression on the first date! Their grooming needs will also be addressed while introducing them slowly to our grooming process.  Usually we'll pull up to your abode and take a minute or two to prep the van for your baby.  Take this time to relax and wait for our groomer to arrive at your doorstep. Introductions usually go more smoothly when your dog is on the ground and not in your arms.  We have found that pet's in their parent's arms can react as if they need to protect their beloved person. It is usually best to do first introductions inside your home because animals are much more at ease in their own environment.  When you invite our groomer inside for introductions, it shows your pet that they are not a threat to you or your home.  At this time you can discuss the spa date and the desired haircut, if your pet will be getting styled.  Our knowledgeable groomer can make recommendations to find a great clip to suit your needs and lifestyle.

The first date...

Other frequently asked questions

What are your prices?

We have 3 types of clients;


Essential (every 6 weeks)
Deluxe (every 4 weeks, which is recommended)

Elite (every 2 weeks)


Our full service grooming appointment (including haircut) prices are:


under 20lbs- $105 & up*
21-35lbs- $125 & up*

36-50lbs- $145 & up* 

51-80lbs- $165 & up*

81-100lbs- $185 & up* 

100+lbs- $225 & up*


*Dogs with double coats will incur a $20-$30 price increase.
*Aggressive dogs will also incur a $20-$30 price increase.



Our bath only grooming appointment (no haircut) prices are:


under 20lbs- $85 & up*
21-35lbs- $95 & up*

36-50lbs- $105 & up* 

51-80lbs- $115 & up*

81-100lbs- $125 & up* 

100+lbs- $160 & up*


*Dogs with double coats will incur a $20-$30 price increase.
*Aggressive dogs will also incur a $20-$30 price increase.







What areas do you service?

We are currently have appointments available in Livermore, Dublin and Pleasanton. Our central valley team also covers the cities of Modesto, Escalon, Riverbank, Oakdale, Manteca, Ripon, Salida, Ceres, Turlock, Waterford, Hughson, Patterson, Hilmar, Newman, Gustine, Tracy and Mountain House.

I want an appointment, what should I do?

Give us a call at (800) 407-5835 and our office manager will get you booked for an appointment. She is off on Sundays and Wednesdays but will return all calls the next morning.  She will be able to answer any questions you may have about our service and help find the best spot for you on our schedule.



Why don't I receive an exact appointment time upon scheduling?

Please allow an hour window for us to arrive at your home, office or chosen destination. As a mobile service, our schedule is subject to interruptions.  We will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment window as possible, however sometimes situations occur that disrupts our groomer's schedule.  This may include traffic, refueling, inclement weather, mechanical difficulties or the neccessity of spending more time with another client's pet.  We will never compromise the safety of a pet by rushing to meet a schedule.  You will be contacted and advised with an updated arrival time when our schedule changes beyond our control. 

Can I stay with my pet while they are groomer?

We do invite all of our pet parents in to see our great truck, however, once the grooming process begins, we ask that all parents avoid being in a place that their pet can see them. This is for your pet's safety, as many can get anxious or make sudden movements when they see a familiar face. We promise, our groomer will make them feel at ease and they'll have a great time with her!

Do you need water or electricity from my house?

Our bus is fully equipped with water tanks for both clean and waste water and we have a generator for power.  Occasionally if our generator is acting up, we may need to plug into any electrical outlet.  An outlet on the front or side of the house or one in the garage will work great.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks or cash. We charge a $35 fee for all returned checks which must be paid before booking your next appointment.

What happens if I forget my appointment?

We appreciate your respect of our 48 hour cancellation policy. Please remember once you book an appointment, you are actually blocking time for your pet and there are others who could have filled your spot.  There will be a $35 cancellation fee per pet for non-cancelled appointments within 48 hours. After 2 last minute cancellations or "no-shows" we will need prepayment for any future appointments. Scheduling an appointment is your acceptance of these policies.

Can I get an appointment reminder?

Yes!  If you give us your email address at the time of booking, you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment as well as a reminder a day or two before your appointment. 

Where can I see what other people think about your services?

We've had many great reviews from happy customers, which makes us so proud! Click here to see all the wonderful things our customers have said about us on Facebook!

Why is mobile grooming more expensive than a regular salon?

Having a mobile groomer come to your home is definitely pricier than taking your dog to a traditional salon.  However, we come right to your doorstep. The convenience is unriveled and it truly is a luxuriously personalized one-on-one service.  From the time your dog steps over the threshold to the time they go back inside your home, your groomer is only focusing on your pet and their needs.  Not only do your save the trips back and forth to the grooming salon, your pet also saves the stress of the same trip.  Because they are surrounded by their "home base" and they are familiar with the scenery, smells and sounds, they will be much more relaxed than in a traditional salon.  Because we work on your pet from start to finish with no interuptions from phones, customers and other pets, your pet's grooming experience will take a fraction of the time as in a salon.  It is just really a win-win for everyone and worth the added expense for both you and your fur baby.  

Why was my pet sent home unfinished?

If your pet is exhibiting extreme behavior (such as aggression to the point where a muzzle cannot be safely placed on your pet, or biting) your groomer will discontinue the grooming process.  Please understand that an unmanageable pet can be dangerous to themselves and to our groomers.  It is your responsibility to provide a healthy and groomable pet.  Sometimes we may need to give you "homework" to perform with your dog to desensitize them to the grooming process.  These exercises are especially important with pets who are not used to grooming, aggressive, fearful, or timid.  It is essential that you take the responsibility to help your pet grow accustomed to grooming.  We rarely meet a dog that cannot be eventually "won over" with routine, patience and consistant groom training.  That being said, some aggressive or fearful dogs may require muzzling or sedated veterinary grooming. 

What if my pet is fiesty for grooming?

We typically find that in our mobile salon we encounter much less aggressiveness in dogs than in a traditional salon.  We believe this is because of the calm environment that we have, with no other animals or noises to create anxiety. However, your pet may have behavioral issues, aggressive tendencies or a history of biting.  We believe that in most cases, this does not mean that your pet cannot be groomed.  With us, it means that your groomer will take any precautions necessary for everyone's safety. Behavioral problems and past unsatisfactory experiences can often be overcome when extra time, love, understanding and care are taken to build trust between the pet and the groomer.  This is our specialty!


When we do encounter a dog that is just not happy about the grooming process, our groomers work with him/her at whatever pace necessary to put them at ease. Very rarely, if a dog becomes aggressive to the point of putting either him/her or our groomer in danger, we will let you know that we must stop the grooming process.  At that point, we will charge a minimum of $50 fee for the visit. 

Do I have to be home during my pet's spa dates?

One of the benefits of mobile grooming is that you do not have to be present during your pet's spa appointment.  We ask that you be present for your pet's first groom so that you may introduce us to your furry family member and so that we may discuss any special needs and preferences that you have.  After this, you may provide a garage code, a key to your home, or a hide-a-key.  Your pet will be freshly groomed when you arrive home.  If latchkey services are requested, the owner agrees to provide a safe place for you groomer to access your pet. This could be in a kennel, crate, pen or even just a closed room.

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